Lawyer Society Del Manto & Kauffman

The Law Office Del Manto & Kauffman was founded by Romualdo Del Manto Netto and Sandra Kauffman Zolnerkevic, aiming to bring together the experience accumulated by its founders in more than 25 years of practice of corporate law, focused on agile and personalized service to small, medium and large companies as well as industry associations and business associations.

To this end, the firm has a team of lawyers and trainees, specializing in various areas of expertise, as well as the infrastructure necessary for the prompt customer service, having correspondents in the main capitals of the country.

Providing consulting services and litigation, judicial and administrative, on related subjects to Civil Law, Tax Law, Administrative Law, Labour Law, Trade Union Law, Social Security Law, Corporate Law, Consumer Law, Commercial Law, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property Law, Financial Economic Law, Family Law and Probate and Criminal Law.

The office also provides consulting services in arears related to compliance with the rules of the Regulatory and Administrative Agencies, the National Institute of Industrial Property, the Central Bank of Brazil, Revenue Federal (Internal Revenue and Customs), the National Institute of Social Security, and Safety and Occupational Medicine, effectively acting in administrative proceedings conducted by the State Public Ministries and the Federal Public Ministry (investigations and setting up appointments and public hearings).

Is also in the Office scope the service areas of public procurement and government contracts, registration of deeds, technical assistance contracts and foreign investment contracts in Brazil and Brazilian investments abroad, legalization and notarization of documents.

To meet the current needs of the companies, the firm has management and control systems that allow you to send real-time information to customers and their auditors.

We expect the services offered by our office will meet significantly the existing demand, companies looking for quality professionals, with special powers of understanding of the problems that challenge the daily lives of companies as well as effective in ready production practices and creative suggestions for their solution.

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